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Jesus of Malibu

Jesus of Malibu / My Jerry McGuire Moment

Everyone has a moment in their lives where they take a step back and look around. Sometimes it is the madness that they have helped to create, other times it is the artist struggling to keep afloat in the tar of conformity. Money rules the world right? Right?

The Jom Revolution is one of those memos in the form of unbridled creativity that invokes the evolution of the mind. One does not have to be a "Free Spirit" to understand the message that they are trying to convey.
In mankind's search for innovation our humanity and spirituality have somehow gone missing. The simple complexities of the universe and ether have escaped our view. Children go missing while we focus on whether or not Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen will actually get the millions of dollars they have already made. It has taken over our culture for the better or worse. We will see in the future when nature corrects the imbalances caused primarily by us.
I often wonder is our unconscious thinking that guides us to act like fools or is it our learned insanity.
If one were to observe the industrial time line you could very well see that children where working for untold hours a day whiles their families lived in slums and overall detrimental environments. So America cried foul and booted the Monopolies to fragmented companies who knew only how to do what? Create wage Slaves. If you are not in the one percent of the wealth then you are one. If you cannot go a year without worrying about money then you are obviously a wage slave, or convoluted enough to believe that your investments and assets are safe.

With that being said mechanization is something everyone knows yet sadly fails to realize the magnitude of technological advances. One reason being the chase of the almighty dollar but if you think about it businesses have known and predicted this outcome since it began. Expansion! Expansion! Cut losses and increase consumer spending for profit. Empathy flies out the window if it is not family. Hustle first f**k the rest mentality. Is it not a wonder why we are in the situation that we are in when people are playing monopoly on a grand scale?

I forgot this man’s name and all I had to do was Google Texas oil tycoon buying up water and Boone Pickens came up immediately. T. Boone Pickens: Oil Tycoon Drilling Water in Texas Slavery didn't go away entirely it just evolved into a way that profited the owner more so that the people ie, us didn't realize that the chains were still on. Mentally, Physically, Everything if you don't look at the outlook of ten to twenty years ahead you end up like the baby boomers still working to make ends meet. Water is not called water anymore you might as well start calling it Blue Gold because that which is free to everyone is becoming monetized and sold right back to you without remorse.
Billy and Anais are the first people that I have seen throughout my adult life that have taken their own lives into their hands; Throwing the middle finger to the "man" and marking their territory and claiming it Mother Earth's property. They unearth ancient knowledge through vibrations and energy to share with the masses. The noblest of causes needs no monetary reward.
I am tired of the lies! I am tired of the needless suffering in the name of God! I am tired of following the next man when they are only concerned with personal gain.

It is amazing when you can reach people that you have never met before, show them clips of your project and inspire them to make a difference anyway they can.

I would be willing to help these people just out of spiritual respect. To me, honesty, this project speaks volumes of dedication to make a difference. It obviously does not come easy, a true testament to their beliefs and faith. You have to have a strong resolve to take on structures that are built to fail, a proverbial house of cards that is made out of digital money made up by those who want us not to question and fall in line.

The world is getting tired of walking in cycles of death and retribution only to be lead down the same road another lifetime. I have faith in humanity, and in this day in age that says a lot about faith. While everyone is huddled up in fear I am creating new concepts and relearning the simple joys leaving a crumb trail for future generations. Isn't that one element of existence?

Artists should be free to create at their will, let the universe become their playground.

Vernon English

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Jesus of Malibu Film

The Revolution for the Freedom of the Mind

There is a word in the English language called Serendipity. It is a word that can also mean, "a happy accident" or "pleasant surprise". When I saw the trailer for the independent film Jesus of Malibu it was one of those moments. It was one of those moments when you don’t know why you found something, you only know that when you weren’t looking, it somehow found you.

Serendipity has been voted one of the ten English words voted hardest to translate, yet why? It is certainly a phenomenon that we all know from coast to coast and from spirit to spirit. Black or White, Christian or Muslim, serendipity is that moment in time when a set of random variables or circumstances come together in a meaningful way for those who experience it. It can never be seen but it does have a sound, like music being heard, a resonation, a stirring in the soul, where we like instruments become in tune with the notes of each of our own lives.

By photographer Briana Moreno
By photographer Briana Moreno
Jesus of Malibu is an effort not to search for something, but to open the door to what is already there. Our hearts, our minds, to truth, to meaning, for there is this lethargy, this vanity, that the film speaks of that has washed over us, this force that ever seeks to make us forget those real and essential things that are invisible to the eye. This film encourages me to do more to nurture and cherish more of what is valid and special about being human, our capacity for love, individual expression and meaning.

To me the filmography was expansive for the soul, the footage of the desert, the colors, the contrasts were like opening up a panoramic sky with images of nature poetically infused with words, dance and song. It contained an eclectic collection of props like a small child would gather when set out to utilize whatever was available to make something meaningful to play with. I enjoyed the film because I enjoy and appreciate the raw, unassuming, childlike side within each and every one of us and the two characters in Jesus of Malibu were just that! Often art can get too messy, simplicity often can be even more profound than the most convoluted and complicated characters or storylines. When things are created in art in a simple way sometimes this is the most striking. It leaves room for the mind to interpret, to find its own meaning rather than to be swept away by pretentious persuasions and hollow entertainments.
By Artist Nicola San Giorgio
By Artist Nicola San Giorgio

Rather than let life pass by in a mad rush for striving for all the wrong things, this film inspires me to be different. Anais and William may appear to be two sweet and small, baby cubs frolicking around in the desert but they are actually bold lions! Serendipity is, by the way, a Sanskrit word for “dwelling-place-of-lions’ island – and I think lions are a good way to describe their courageous efforts. Especially after watching the footage on their website from a variety of national broadcast television stations naming them as the depositors of the “mystery baby grand piano left on a sandbar in Brisbane, Florida”. I had to laugh in delight at seeing these two likeable and relaxed characters displaying a bit more prowess than your average moviemakers!

Anais and William have created a forum, an idea and hope for art in the future to be something bigger and bolder in spirit and courage to expand and free the mind! For two years they set out to accentuate and nurture something within their own selves to later give back to others in their film, Jesus of Malibu. The mind is such a powerful and yet such a fragile mechanism at the same time. It is capable of astounding acts of kindness and courage and just as equally so of every kind of crime and depravity against nature. The freedom of the mind is something we all have to fight for in whatever way we can. The mind is wayward, never resting from searching, and most often, for all the wrong things and for things that do not appease it. The mind is a constant radar honing in on every kind of impression and perception, easily influenced and drawn astray as William and Anais say, “by the vanities of this world.”
By Nate Bower
By Nate Bower

How do I know? I know because I think it is something we all know deep down inside about ourselves, of the duality of our own human nature. It is the battle between the flesh and the spirit. In the trailer of Jesus of Malibu Anais says, “When did man become afraid of his thoughts and feelings?” It is a good question. Perhaps this is why we strive, why we distract, why we retreat into the numbing monotony and conformity of things that are not who we really are.

Jesus of Malibu is not preachy, pompous or narrow although it can be confrontational in the sense of confronting ourselves to define our own roles in society and to bold action against the status quo. More than anything the film gently suggests for us to be conscious, responsible and inquisitive into the nature of ourselves and the nature of others. Encourages us to fight for the freedom of the mind and soul by breaking through barriers of pop culture, politics, religion, by supporting visionary, ‘transcendental art’ over mass-produced mindless entertainment. Not only for the sake of art but also more importantly, for the sake of our souls, for the health and vitality of our lives. Anais and William believe we can change the world. It is said that the whole is only so good as the sum of its parts. My feelings of my own responsibility in that equation has been set into motion in part by Jesus of Malibu - so thank you for playing your special part in mine.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jesus of Malibu The Revolution for the Freedom of the Mind


Quite without warning, through a series of coincidences, a message came through over the internet, from a pair of artists who are still willing to speak the unspeakable, ugly, truth.   Independent filmmakers Anais and William "Billy" Yeager are making a stand, with their film "Jesus of Malibu."

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Billy Yeager The Ineffable Enigma

Billy Yeager believes in the power of film and music and everything he is doing he is doing in many dimensions at the same time; he is not just smashing guitars and setting pianos on fire, he is breaking with tradition, he is breaking with the vanities of the world.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MALTESE PRODUCTIONS is producing the documentary 
The Film that Changed the World.
Directed by Michael Kirk, this is the story of the making of Jesus of Malibu 2005-2012.

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"The "truth" is a Lie, a "lie" is the Truth,
only after you have uncovered the Lies,
you will truly know the Truth."

We lied for Truth

Quotes from The News Outlets

"Indie filmmakers Billy and Anais Yeager say they put the grand piano that appeared this week on a sandbar in Miami’s Biscayne Bay to protest the city’s vanity."

"National indie-film-makers-claim-sandbar-piano-was-a-political-statement,
an artistic revolution against the media, the corruption of arts, and the control and slavedom of people."

"The filmmakers are also a part of the JOM Revolution, a group of artists who are looking to break away from the ruling class and “redefining” consciousness."

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The Edmond Sun

Once they discover what their purpose is in life, they set off to change the world, which will cause a 'Butterfly Effect' or 100th Monkey where every action causes a reaction. "There is going to be a major shift in the whole world, politics, economy, religion... Everything is going to collapse and that's a good thing. There is too much poverty in the world", said Yeager.

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The Mother of the Mother Road

Lucille’s Gas Station in Hydro, Oklahoma, featured location for film.

When we stumbled upon Lucille’s Gas Station we instantly knew it was another perfect location for the film.
Lucille Hamons’ Station was built in 1927 by Carl Ditmore. Carl and Lucille Hamons bought the gas station and auto court in 1941. The Hamons lived at the station in quarters located behind and above the business. On January 31, 1971, Carl Hamons died and Lucille was left alone to run the business. She maintained the seven cabins, doing the wash in an old wringer washing machine, in addition of taking care of her 3 children.

"In July 1997, Lucille’s station was placed on the National Historic Register, and in 1999 Lucille received the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame Award.

2 Guns at Canyon Diablo Featured Location for Jesus of Malibu


About 2 Guns:
2 Guns was one of the first and what would become one of the most elaborate Route 66 trading posts/gas station/curio shop/ tourist attractions. Named Two Guns, it was complete with Hopi made buildings, a gas station, a well-lit “Death Cave”, and a Zoo that included coyotes, gila monsters, roadrunners, and mountains lions.
The story of 2 Guns begins however in the mid 1870’s with an Apache raid on the Navajo that ended in the gruesome death of some 50 Apaches trapped in what is now called “The Apache Death Cave”.

About 10 years later, in 1880, when the Atlantic and Pacific railroad ran out of money at the canyon’s edge, and it was unable to progress any further, a makeshift boom town began that was said to be more dangerous than Tombstone and Dodge City combined, the first sheriff appointed at 3pm was dead by 8pm that same night. The city of Canyon Diablo lasted 10 grizzly years, ending only when the US Army was dispatched to gain control over the murder, theft and prostitution that ran rampant.When Route 66 was closed down, 2 Guns roadside stop began to take on what many at that time called “the curse of Canyon Diablo”. Shady business deals, fires, maimings, and murder abounded. After several attempts thru the 50’s and 60’s to rebuild, all that is left is a crumbling husk. The Yeager's believed that 2 Guns exuded a very special spiritual presence unlike others before them.
The Yeager's decided that this time 2 Guns would not serve as a location for another typical roadside story of bandits and drifters, but as a sacred location where Jesus and Mindy would discover the purpose of their life.

Route 66 A Sacred Location

The historic Route 66 will be featured in “Jesus of Malibu.”

Billy and Anais will travel across the states with their 1972 Nomad travel trailer and film at several different locations along Route 66. They also expect to be meeting with the Navajo Nations and tribe members near Canyon Diablo.

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But according to the Yeagers, this is not just another road trip movie, and Route 66 is more than just a tourist destination and a trip back in time. The Yeagers believe that Route 66 embodies a very powerful energy earth grid from being located at specific longitude and latitude lines or ley lines, which are sacred geometric grid patterns on the globe where many of the ancient sites are built such as the Mayan and the Egyptian pyramids.

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