Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mother of the Mother Road

Lucille’s Gas Station in Hydro, Oklahoma, featured location for film.

When we stumbled upon Lucille’s Gas Station we instantly knew it was another perfect location for the film.
Lucille Hamons’ Station was built in 1927 by Carl Ditmore. Carl and Lucille Hamons bought the gas station and auto court in 1941. The Hamons lived at the station in quarters located behind and above the business. On January 31, 1971, Carl Hamons died and Lucille was left alone to run the business. She maintained the seven cabins, doing the wash in an old wringer washing machine, in addition of taking care of her 3 children.

"In July 1997, Lucille’s station was placed on the National Historic Register, and in 1999 Lucille received the Oklahoma Route 66 Hall of Fame Award.

2 Guns at Canyon Diablo Featured Location for Jesus of Malibu


About 2 Guns:
2 Guns was one of the first and what would become one of the most elaborate Route 66 trading posts/gas station/curio shop/ tourist attractions. Named Two Guns, it was complete with Hopi made buildings, a gas station, a well-lit “Death Cave”, and a Zoo that included coyotes, gila monsters, roadrunners, and mountains lions.
The story of 2 Guns begins however in the mid 1870’s with an Apache raid on the Navajo that ended in the gruesome death of some 50 Apaches trapped in what is now called “The Apache Death Cave”.

About 10 years later, in 1880, when the Atlantic and Pacific railroad ran out of money at the canyon’s edge, and it was unable to progress any further, a makeshift boom town began that was said to be more dangerous than Tombstone and Dodge City combined, the first sheriff appointed at 3pm was dead by 8pm that same night. The city of Canyon Diablo lasted 10 grizzly years, ending only when the US Army was dispatched to gain control over the murder, theft and prostitution that ran rampant.When Route 66 was closed down, 2 Guns roadside stop began to take on what many at that time called “the curse of Canyon Diablo”. Shady business deals, fires, maimings, and murder abounded. After several attempts thru the 50’s and 60’s to rebuild, all that is left is a crumbling husk. The Yeager's believed that 2 Guns exuded a very special spiritual presence unlike others before them.
The Yeager's decided that this time 2 Guns would not serve as a location for another typical roadside story of bandits and drifters, but as a sacred location where Jesus and Mindy would discover the purpose of their life.

Route 66 A Sacred Location

The historic Route 66 will be featured in “Jesus of Malibu.”

Billy and Anais will travel across the states with their 1972 Nomad travel trailer and film at several different locations along Route 66. They also expect to be meeting with the Navajo Nations and tribe members near Canyon Diablo.

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But according to the Yeagers, this is not just another road trip movie, and Route 66 is more than just a tourist destination and a trip back in time. The Yeagers believe that Route 66 embodies a very powerful energy earth grid from being located at specific longitude and latitude lines or ley lines, which are sacred geometric grid patterns on the globe where many of the ancient sites are built such as the Mayan and the Egyptian pyramids.

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